Nation-building through Technology and development

Endless possibilities for the empowered Filipino.

Lancaster Technology and Development Corporation (LTDC) provides topnotch technological solutions to help propel communities into the digital era.

IT Solution Programs to revolutionize public and private sectors

LTDC  delivers state-of-the-art and reliable technological systems, solutions and infrastructure to its clients from the public and private sectors, including Philippine universities and colleges. LTDC’s Smart Campuses, for instance, situated in various parts of the country, allows educators, students, and parents to thrive in educational environments that foster creativity, critical thinking and hands-on learning.

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Teachers & Educators Assisted


Learning Management Systems for Philippine Schools.

Our suite of technologies enhances the operational efficiency of schools, enabling teachers to deliver more effective instruction and students to achieve better learning outcomes. It offers a comprehensive school management system that facilitates the administration of students, teachers, and staff members, ensuring a seamless educational experience.

Introducing a novel method of information dissemination that leverages the power of both internet and SMS technology.


Solutions for safety.

The company also offers surveillance camera hardware and software, providing a remote monitoring solution suitable for medium to large businesses.

Empowering Businesses and Institutions with Advanced Antivirus Solutions: Safeguarding Security and Privacy Needs.

Smart Cities Solutions

Technologies for modern cities. Providing resources for city-wide development focusing on security, public service, and crime prevention.

Unveiling an Innovative Smart City Solution: Driving Advancement and Development Across the Entire Cityscape. Harnessing Technology for Streamlined Public Services, Enhanced Security, Safety Measures, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Crime Prevention.

Providing an Overarching Perspective of Urban Operations: Enhancing Security, Safety, and Coordination Efforts from a Comprehensive Vantage Point.

We Are a Full Service Technology Company

Lancaster Technology and Development Corporation: 

Leading-edge. Trust. Dedication. Capacity-building.

Lancaster Technology and Development Corporation: Systems Integrator


As the Philippines’ leading systems integrator, LTDC is committed to address the country’s digital divide through technological advancements which play a critical role in driving rapid digital progress in communities instrumental to national development.





Since our establishment in 2007, we have consistently delivered a diverse range of reliable solutions to our esteemed clients. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Command Centers, Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, Managed Services, ICT Infrastructures,  Security Operations Centers, among others.






Our Projects

MSU ICT Modernization Program

This project was the first step in creating Mindanao State University’s Smart Campus. The project upgraded MSU’s facilities and IT infrastructure, including its interconnectivity, fiber cabling, and Data Center. It also equipped faculty with laptops to help with the distance learning set-up brought about by the pandemic.

Following the successful modernization of Mindanao State University-Main Campus’ data access and basic IT infrastructure during the first phase, Phase 2 has been identified to continue its journey to becoming a Smart Campus.

Since the successful completion of Phase 2, Phase 3 has been working to further improve the University’s infrastructure, digital capabilities, and resources. This will help us to further improve upon the positive effects of the previous modernization projects.

LTO Central Command Center (C3)

The procurement, installation, configuration, and operationalization of an ICT central command center aims to provide the agency with digital capacity in operating a secured and complete command center that can integrate both existing and future ICT equipment and facilities needed by our education system.

Road Safety Interactive Center

To provide and enrich the public’s awareness about Road Safety, Traffic Laws, Public Safety and best practices through an interactive media center utilizing innovations in audio, video and proprioreceptive technologies.

LTO Information Technology Hub

With the country’s increasing number of motorists, this project aims to augment the Land Transportation Office’s technical knowledge base, facilities, and IT infrastructure to streamline and improve on key areas like Drivers Training and Knowledge Transfer and managing traffic violations.

Lancaster Technology and Development Corporation’s  passion in identifying and applying  innovative ways to drive progress toward a modernized and capable society in the digital age, has helped its clients turn their vision into reality. LTDC has consistently provided clients with solutions that offer limitless possibilities to be competitive on the global stage through digital empowerment, and technical capabilities.


To improve Filipino lives through technology and development by providing dynamic solutions that help its clients achieve their goals, and consequently contribute to nation-building.


To be the leading Philippine based ICT company entrusted to provide topnotch technological solutions that catalyze significant advancements across sectors and industries.


Leading-edge. Trust. Dedication. Capacity-building. 

LTDC is committed in developing technologically- empowered and progressive communities at par with modern counterparts in the international stage.